Download Hacked GetCourse Unlocked MOD for Android

Download Hacked GetCourse Unlocked MOD for Android
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    Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Рейтинг: 3.2
Голосов: 13030
Download GetCourse - Unlocked MOD
GetCourse for Android is a individual application from the important author Chatium. Required volume empty internal memory for the unpacking - 39M, copy to flash drive unapplicable programs, games and music tracks for detailed process of the settings useful files. Desirable rule - latest edition of the main program . Requires Android - 5.0 and up, this is an important parameter, because of unsuitable system constraints, will freezes with file transfer. About popularity games will pass on amount users, recorded themselves app - by views from Google Play got it 5,000,000+, pertinently, your software version obviously will be recorded analyst.

Lets try talk over singularity this applications. Firstly - it is exemplary and finished graphic. Secondly - valuable tasks and tasks. Thirdly - comfortably placed icons of the control. Fourthly - joyful soundtracks. As a consequence we have myself good game.

Variation GetCourse (Unlocked MOD) for Android - for moment entry in category corrected files - 717, at the new version were eliminated main hang-ups causing long periods of inactivity tablet. At this minute author submitted to the site file from February 11, 2022 - run the update, if operated old version program. Stop by to our Contact, so that download only good games and applications, brought to the site by our friends.
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Download Hacked GetCourse Unlocked MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked GetCourse Unlocked MOD for Android
askar5959 13 May 2023 14:11
Convenient app, but there are a few minuses, because of which I lowered the rating of 1. After each video you watch, you have to restart the application, because a white screen appears 2. Videos are poorly loaded even with a stable Internet connection (while YouTube has no such problem) 3. From time to time the application hangs and crashes
alishern258 14 May 2023 03:38
Terrible application, Constant hangs training videos, some do not load at all, you have to restart constantly, if you rewind the video, or "left" for a call, text message or other action, or video "hangs" or the image disappears. While I went through two lessons,one nerve. I paid a lot of money for training, and now I suffer from the fact that I still managed to download most of the training material can not download.
arkanaft270 21 May 2023 23:06
Samsung A10 phone, before the update the video crashes and the application stops working properly and requires a reboot with cache cleanup only if full screen playback mode is used. Now the video crashes out every 5 minutes, having to go out to the browser. Uncomfortable, the last visit is not remembered, every time you have to scroll from the beginning, no settings, the default page with recent, which does not display the latest lessons / courses, and there is no way to change this default
almip1995 3 June 2023 20:03
The course is great, Ksenia is smart! The exercises give the body the opportunity to move, the pain goes away. How did I live without it!
alex-napal116 12 June 2023 23:06
The app is handy, you can watch videos. But it is difficult to read the small gray text, especially on a light gray background. Please add the possibility to increase font size with a gesture; or the possibility to choose font parameters - color, size, background; or the possibility to choose a contrasting color scheme,
anenok2004 17 June 2023 05:51
Dear Developers. Please add the ability to resume watching the video from where it ends and the ability to play the video when the app is minimized. This is incredibly inconvenient when, for example, someone called you or you accidentally locked your phone and the application "drops out" to the start screen. You have to restart the course and remember which of the videos you watched last. And also the ability to play audio with the screen locked allows you to at least listen to what you want.
asafiks 17 June 2023 13:49
When the phone screen is vertical, the window-video is stretched and moved to the left. When the phone screen is horizontal, the window-video expands and only 1/3 of the video is displayed on the real screen.
andriy-zl 19 June 2023 23:48
Many problems: inadequate handling of screen rotation, no test results are saved in the draft.
axelrock 4 July 2023 15:50
The app has become disgusting. I am doing a training course on qigong all videos longer than 5 minutes hangs, minimizes and gives an error, and so several times in a row. Technical support recommends either restarting the device, or reports that there is a problem. In general, the nightmare, training has become impossible, and it was a good resource, what happened to you guys?
allaway42 7 July 2023 16:45
I advise application developers to take programming courses not in chatium itself, but in a third-party application, such as stepik, otherwise they will never learn how to code and chatium will remain buggy. With mobile Internet it is impossible to watch the purchased courses, I watched a video from 12 minutes to half of it for 30 minutes, after that I got mad and did not watch it anymore. On the plus side, you can make fun of the teacher making faces while hovering every 5 seconds.
alenka-ima234 1 September 2023 07:47
Been using this app for four months, everything has been great. But after the latest update, the lessons are missing text versions, which makes learning more difficult. When I contacted the school where I study about this issue, they replied that they send text versions. So most likely the problem is with the app. I hope that you will deal with this situation. I am waiting for your answer. » Education » Download Hacked GetCourse Unlocked MOD for Android