Download Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for Android

Download Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for Android
  • Developer:
    Koliuzhnov Viacheslav
  • Version:
  • Installations:
  • Android OS:
    Requires Android - 2.3 and up
Рейтинг: 4.1
Голосов: 43398
Download Орфография:Диктант - Free Ad MOD
Орфография:Диктант for Android is a signature application from the familiar author Koliuzhnov Viacheslav. Required volume vacant internal memory for the unpacking - 3.2M, clean up obsolete programs, games and photo for detailed action of the moving main files. Essential requirement - new version of the system . Requires Android - 2.3 and up, take this seriously, because of third-rate system provisions, may exist difficulties with loading. About popularity games will tell amount players, recorded themselves app - by views from Google Play rose to a number 5,000,000+, say, your program download definitely will be taken into account metric.

Lets try dissect characteristic feature this programs. Firstly - it is marvellous and finished picture. Secondly - valuable tasks and tasks. Thirdly - usable components of the control. Fourthly - lively soundtracks. In consequence we getting myself stunning game.

Variation Орфография:Диктант (Free Ad MOD) for Android - for moment release on-page supplemented files - 1.9, at the remodeled version were shortened detected instabilities causing freezes tablet. At this hour publisher provided file from July 14, 2021 - install update, if downloaded old version program. Come in to our Instagram, to the end of acquire only quality software and applications, installed on our portal.
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Download Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for Android
apl-k911 15 May 2023 23:13
Great test ! Useful for both young and old, and for elementary school students in general an indispensable toy - a coach.
b-u21334 5 June 2023 10:05
There is no way to check which rule is broken when you make a mistake.Then how do you learn? Just remember that there is a letter in this word?
barkan472 8 June 2023 02:11
The app is good, the results are stored.BUT there is one minus: sometimes, there are texts that I have already passed.But so norm.
aseevreno 9 June 2023 19:04
The application is great, but you could add a function that, after checking the text could explain why the mistake was made. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.
asambel 12 June 2023 22:07
In general, the application is good, informative, but very annoying advertising that pops up all over the screen closing the game.
alinka09-k818 12 June 2023 23:07
Annexi cool but very few functions for spelling . and do not show marks for the text.
arendbioro212 17 June 2023 23:50
Cool app around what app where you can learn to write correct pronunciation of words can write dictations read different rules
bart39 11 July 2023 20:46
Hello, thank you for the app, it is very excellent! I recommend everyone to download this app and it takes little megabyte and very fast to download THANK YOU TO THE DEVELOPERS!
arenda-t 18 July 2023 06:47
Just awful!!!! There are tons of minuses (8)!!!! It takes a long time to write them!!!! But one of them is that it is impossible to choose the level of difficulty and the text with a certain orthogram!!!!!. My Russian is fine, I downloaded it only out of interest, but in vain!!!! Horror!!!!!!!!
askans 29 July 2023 11:47
Dear developers you have tried very hard, you help and tighten the Russian language!!! I am an excellent student, but still not easy!!!! Your proposal class, thank you very much I wish you creativity and success!!!
bair6834 5 August 2023 14:48
I recommend it to everyone! The texts are taken from famous works, where you need to insert missing letters. It helped me to correct my spelling in Russian.
andu2000 11 August 2023 03:49
The application is excellent, only one thing - not enough prefixes in the section (,,punctuation ").And basically everything suits me.
alexpg165718 15 August 2023 07:49
Very cool! I advise everyone to download and instead of preparing for dictation just play it.
ax-9251 31 August 2023 07:49
Dear developers! The game is great!!! It has fun rules, good dictation. But I would like to ask you to make the dictation a little bit bigger, but so everything is great! » Education » Download Hacked Орфография:Диктант Free Ad MOD for Android