Download Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for Android

Download Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for Android
  • Developer:
    Kataykin: apps for education & lifestyle
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  • Android OS:
    Requires Android - 4.2 and up
Рейтинг: 4.5
Голосов: 17301
Download My Dictionary - Pro Version MOD
My Dictionary for Android is a signature application from the famous team Kataykin: apps for education & lifestyle. Desired volume vacant flash memory for the uploads - 8.6M, drag and drop to nonvolatile memory unapplicable programs, games and music tracks for complete process of the setting downloadable files. Essential precept - latest variant of the system . Requires Android - 4.2 and up, this is an important parameter, because of bad system values, will complications with working capacity. About prevalence applications will pass on amount users, recorded themselves app - after your download got it 100,000+, appropriate to notice, your software version must will be taken into account counter.

Make an effort talk over quality this applications. Firstly - it is elaborate and strong graphic. Secondly - entertaining scripts and targets. Thirdly - comfortably placed components of the control. Fourthly - lively motives. As a consequence we set up myself quality game.

Variation My Dictionary (Pro Version MOD) for Android - for moment release on-page supplemented files - 7.4, at the modified version were shortened known hang-ups triggers system bugs phone. At this minute publisher launched file from December 15, 2021 - download the new package, if installed bad version program. Come by to our Facebook, so that download only excellent software and applications, installed on our portal.
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Download Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for Android


ashagirov 8 May 2023 20:05
Very cool app, I love it! It helps to create your own vocabulary, a lot of exercises for memorizing and practicing vocabulary, all voiced (you can adjust the speed and tempo of the speaker, adjust the pronunciation, for example, BrE / AmE, etc.). Developers many thanks!
alenka-65521 9 May 2023 06:40
Thank you so much for the app! Finally I found what I was looking for so long! 1) you can add and learn only your words, irregular verbs and expressions 2) the program itself almost always offers a transcription and pronounces the word 3) instead of translation you can write the meaning of the word in English 4) you can add your examples 5) many different ways to practice learning new words 6) you can add pictures 7) you can divide all words into groups by hashtag
alena-1970 12 May 2023 08:38
The app is good, very helpful in English lessons. But there is a significant disadvantage for the Chinese language, because the process of learning Chinese involves not only memorizing the character, but also the transcription. However, the transcription is not automatically entered, tones are not visible, and as a result there is confusion, because in some tasks there is a pinyin, and in others not.
badik100146 12 May 2023 16:11
A good app just for practicing words, essentially replacing cards. Convenient filtering by tags. The only drawback: in the examples does not detect the verb changed with the grammar, for example, learning the word cram, in the example it is as cramming, the application gives ___ming.
alfa-trast 19 May 2023 07:50
All in all, not bad. Not enough of a response in the background. I was going to buy it, but I found a flaw. The words shown in the background disappear when you click on them. Also, the words in the background are constantly repeated and very often. I liked the opportunity to learn the words without opening the application, but the function is still raw. When you click on the menu to hide the word, it still pops up.
baikenov975 22 May 2023 02:07
I really like the app, but there is one thing that annoys me and steals a lot of time: the pause between transitions during training is too long. I end up answering in less than a second and waiting about 3 seconds for the next word to be displayed. I could have written three more words in those three seconds.
archadan554 24 June 2023 07:55
Well, so far so good (used not long yet, if there will be minuses write). Exactly the kind of dictionary that is needed to record it is not familiar words in the course of reading and then train them. Convenient, beautiful interface. Did not notice the advertising, in a week I will buy if all is well.
alison0009 12 July 2023 18:45
Great app! Lots of options for filling in the cards (word, transcription, translation options, you can insert a picture, there are tags), several options of lessons to memorize, you can store the cards in the cloud. And, what is important for me, the app works without internet. Thank you very much to the developers!
amaly-08379 6 August 2023 03:43
The best dictionary humans have ever invented! Nice interface. Very convenient when you enter one word in a foreign language, and the system immediately picks up the transcription and translation. Saves time) And the ability to download sets of words from the server is also very cool. There is nothing to wish for!
andreask608 4 September 2023 10:50
The app is super, but I want to share a small recommendation - developers, please make a function to display added words for the last day/week/month/year. It would improve memorization and save kүour time to search for new, not yet learned words :) » Education » Download Hacked My Dictionary Pro Version MOD for Android