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Download Time Princess: Dreamtopia MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Time Princess: Dreamtopia - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu]

Rating: 3.7 Votes: 1300
Version: 0.8.6
Category: Mod for Games / RPG
Android version: 6+
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Download Time Princess: Dreamtopia MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Time Princess: Dreamtopia MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Time Princess: Dreamtopia MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Time Princess: Dreamtopia MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Time Princess: Dreamtopia - great game in the genre - RPG. All apps of this section present themselves like fast games, with twisted plot. But you will acquire a large mass of fun from the colorful graphics, pleasant music and speed of what is happening in the game. Thanks to the clear controls, the game can to be played by both adults and teens. Because most representatives of this genre designed to various age audience.

What do we gain cumulatively with download of this file? First-priority - excellent picture that won't act allergen to the eyes and adds a non-standard flavor to the game. Next, must concentrate attention on game compositions that are characterized by uniqueness and completely highlight everything happening in the game. Last, good and convenient controls. You don't have to think about searching necessary actions, or search control buttons - everything is really simple .

Don't mislead genre of this games by its difficulty. This genre of applications was selected for unforgettable leisure, break from their business and mere pleasure. Don't should expect anything significant. In front of you usual sample of this section, so without thinking immerse yourself in the universe of entertainment and adventurism.

Minimum requirements:

Read this section, due to non-compliance data requirements detected problem with installation of the application. First install the version of the operating system updated on your device. Second - amount of free space, because the application will ask resources for its installation .

OS version: Android 6+
Memory: 321MB

Statistical data:

This section - game statistics, shows how cool the game is, count installs and latest version available on page. And so, number of installs from our platform provide information how many users unpacked Time Princess: Dreamtopia for Android system. And should I install this app if you like to target installs. And here data about the version will help you to compare your and provided version of the game.

Downloads: 130000
Latest version: 0.8.6


This section is social data, gives you information about the rating of the game among users of our portal. Represented rating is added by mathematical calculations. And the number voted will show you the activity of users in setting the rating. Similarly and you may to participate on your own and change the final results.

Average rating: 3.7
Number of voters: 1300

Mod characteristics: Time Princess: Dreamtopia - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu]

Given Mod Type is enhanced version, where you there will be available large amount of in-game currency and other. With current hack you will not need to make big efforts to pass the game , same there will be available in-game purchases.

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How to install Time Princess: Dreamtopia - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] from our website:

    To install the APK file from our website, follow the steps below:

    1. On your Android device, open "Settings" and find the "Security" or "Protection" section. The names and location of this section may vary slightly depending on your Android version.

    2. In the "Security" section, find the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. This is usually called "Unknown Sources" or "Unverified Sources". Give permissions to perform these actions, you only need to perform this operation once.

    3. Locate and click on the download link for Time Princess: Dreamtopia - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] . You may be prompted to choose where to save the file to your device.

    4. When the download completes, open any file manager on your Android device. You can use the built-in file manager or install a third-party app for this purpose.

Downlaod Time Princess: Dreamtopia - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] ver. 0.8.6 APK

avakyan-t946 28 October 2023 01:35
I liked the game)I especially like that there are a lot of stories.Yes, they are simplified, if we talk about the historical part (for example, "Marie Antoinette"), but still charming. but still fascinating. You can see that the game has a potential for development. I wish the developers creative success, inspiration, and of course the means to fulfill all of the above)))
antares-92 8 November 2023 15:53
The game is very interesting, but here sometimes promotional tasks with costumes cause difficulties (they then have no opportunity to collect) and the biggest disadvantage is the story branches (in the sense that it is very difficult to open some of them - 10 times trying to pass one level to open it and what combination do not choose the result is the same). Well, another condition that for some need to raise the sympathy of the character as much as 10! level when the whole story is passed, for the sake of one line. And this is kapetsya how long!
apr-alyona 9 November 2023 04:58
Hi, the game is very cool and addictive for a long time, so all five stars. I liked the story "Shadow of London" most of all, but it was disappointing that there were too many unresolved issues even for an open ending. Dear developers, will there be a sequel for "Shadow of London" and stories with the same open ending.
alex3586 15 November 2023 20:19
Beautiful outfits, interesting mini-games, there is variety in stories. But it is very difficult to collect clothes from the blueprints, each piece of clothing needs a lot of resources. But the most huge minus, why when collected even the entire set of necessary clothes in the story is given not max score? I.e. you did everything right, but you can not get a decent reward, and most importantly the blueprint of clothes, which will be needed in the next stories. And how to continue to pass the stories where it is needed? And what is the point of the game? Fix it
antonickk 16 November 2023 23:12
Very good game, I thought from the advertisement it would be very different, developers, you, are wonderful! ^^
axe1808 18 November 2023 03:39
The story itself and graphics very much liked, but sometimes it pisses me off that requires real money, it would seem to have done everything you can, but the level still does not pass, writes no blueprints, etc. Because of this I want to quit. It also requires free time. And I also do not like that the limit of energy purchase, and increase it again for money
axara-07 20 November 2023 16:46
The game is cool, no argument, if not for one thing: the stories end at the most interesting moments, when the plot is just gaining momentum. Too bad, went through all the stories with Russian translation, but the endings everywhere cut off and not finished. I hope someday this will be fixed.
alinanigma 30 November 2023 20:11
Things are very unstable with this election tree (constantly popping off the right branch for no reason). 1) those pieces of inscriptions do not give anything at all (often they are the same in both choices), 2) it is very inconvenient to replay the same thing 4 times. For example, I went through one branch, tried another, but wanted to go back to the first one. Now I have to replay several levels again. PLEASE make it possible in the tree itself to switch to a branch that you have already passed without replaying levels.
as-rina-28105 15 January 2024 16:25
Very beautiful and interesting toy) The mechanics are similar to Shiny Nikki. We choose dresses by theme and immerse ourselves in the story, trying on the images of famous personalities. It would be great to see more variety and different collaborations with other stories) The graphics are amazing. The characters look alive. Historical inserts help to feel the atmosphere of the time and learn something new. In general, a great toy for those who love beautiful outfits and book stories!)))
alex15911 4 February 2024 17:26
I like the game a lot, the music, the graphics. A lot of course all sorts of things to collect for gameplay, but nothing. 4 stars for the fact that you choose clothes purely to pass the level and look like an obscure person. Irritating to the eyes when you play in the atmosphere of antiquity, for example, and your character looks like a parrot with glasses.
alexsl56 16 February 2024 19:16
I was expecting the usual dressing up a girl and fancy dressing up with style shaping like it was when I was a kid..... But this is more than that!!! I am simply amazed! I was shocked that the advertising corresponds to reality and there is not even 1, but a number of plots that you control yourself!!!!. I would also like to note 3D graphics as in +. The manifestation of emotions and movement of the characters. Beautiful costumes, scenery, characters!!! I play recently, so I have not found any minuses yet, only delight!!!
anna555335748 3 March 2024 16:35
The game was good, but hangs and crashes a lot. I contacted tech support, tried anything to do, but the result is zero. The last few days I can not even go in without vpn. Gives an error connecting to the server. Did you really block the game for Russian users? According to reviews I am not the only one with this problem. In the game, the donation crosses all boundaries, stories in quality worse and worse, the continuation of the old ones are still not, as well as character models. The new non-donated clothes are voiceless and just awful.
artur-k433 27 March 2024 07:10
The game is interesting and the idea is good. BUT! Unfinished. Mining resources for crafting is very difficult, with one chapter drops only 1 random resource, and you need 3 different 20 pieces for one thing((( Mini games are made crooked, and the last one can be passed only by paying money) But in general all is good

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