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Download One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu]

Rating: 4.4 Votes: 5000
Version: 0.8.5
Category: Mod for Games / RPG
Android version: 7+
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Download One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 - mind-blowing game in the category - RPG. Other instances of this genre act as sensible games, with twisted plot. But you will acquire a considerable mass of bliss from the colourful graphics, diverse melody and transience of what is happening in the game. Thanks to the simple management, the game have the ability to be played by both adults and children. Due to the fact that most representatives of this section designed to different age group.

What do we gain cumulatively with installation of received file? Basic - cool picture that won't act irritant to the eyes and brings a non-standard flavor to the game. Then, it is worth focus attention on melodies that are different individuality and completely emphasize everythingwhat happens in the game. Last, usual and practical controls. You don't have to thinking about searching required actions, or choose control buttons - everything is located in the right place.

Don't mislead category of this games by its difficulty. This section of applications was published for unforgettable pastime, relaxation from their business and mere entertainment. Don't should wait anything greatest. In front of players ordinary sample of this genre, so without thinking immerse yourself in the universe of drive and adventure.

Minimum requirements:

Read this section, due to controversies data requirements will be problem with installation of the application. Getting Started install the version of the operating system updated on your device. Second - amount of empty space, because the application will request resources for its download.

OS version: Android 7+
Memory: 222MB

Statistical data:

This section - game statistics, tells how popular the game is, count installs and latest version available on portal. And so, counter of installs from our portal inform how many players installed One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 for Android system. Should I install featured app if you want to target counter. And here data about the version will help you to compare your and proposed version of the game.

Downloads: 760000
Latest version: 0.8.5


This section is social data, provides you information about the rating of the game among players of our platform. Indicated rating is added by mathematical calculations. And the indicator voted indicate you the activity of players in setting the rating. For example, you may to vote on your own and change the final results.

Average rating: 4.4
Number of voters: 5000

Mod characteristics: One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu]

Given Mod Type is unlocked version, where user there will be available large amount of coins and other advantage. With current hack user will not need to make huge efforts to win the game , same there will be open internal items.

View our website more often, and we will make you new a selection of mods for your games and applications.

How to install One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] from our website:

    To install the APK file from our website, follow the steps below:

    1. On your Android device, open "Settings" and find the "Security" or "Protection" section. The names and location of this section may vary slightly depending on your Android version.

    2. In the "Security" section, find the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. This is usually called "Unknown Sources" or "Unverified Sources". Give permissions to perform these actions, you only need to perform this operation once.

    3. Locate and click on the download link for One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] . You may be prompted to choose where to save the file to your device.

    4. When the download completes, open any file manager on your Android device. You can use the built-in file manager or install a third-party app for this purpose.

Downlaod One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] ver. 0.8.5 APK

alex-steve 9 November 2023 04:18
In general, not a bad time killer for 15 minutes in 12 hours, because without donation to do in it is nothing else, entered, collected rewards and went out, actually everything, there are no popkrechnyh tasks / quests for at least some of the earning loot, only buying for crystals, which are accumulated very slowly (but costs all incredibly expensive). Today spent 5000 crystals on 2 packs of heroes, of 20 characters only blue and green ... green in general only in the trash, it is unclear why they shove them so much
arisa-16302 9 November 2023 13:39
When characters reach level 140, swing further is impossible, characters to promote unrealistic, because they just do not fall out, and eventually stuck for a very large amount of time, you can sit like this for a month. So fix it, otherwise I do not recommend not to start playing, begins extortion of real money.
aroigas892 9 November 2023 20:28
The game itself is not bad, but I put 2 only because the game is about anime, but without the main character, kind of sad.
anytka1467846 10 November 2023 12:21
The game at the start was great, but the further the worse I have 110 level, and sit in locations for weeks, the drop of characters although it was changed to pseudorandom (every 30 heroes will be epic) the total drop of these very heroes cut. Events that even with donat not worth it to participate in them. The case when the high level content is not interesting and does not tighten. The game is worth playing for 2 months and then quit
alenka0080 11 November 2023 00:46
The game is a bomb, a great variety of characters, etc. tournaments, guilds all this can take months to catch on
antoni368357 12 November 2023 04:59
The game for its genre is not bad, but there is a disadvantage - it is a donation. When you start to play, you can not go to the top of the server because of donaters, but so the game is cool and to kill time is very suitable. Developers, do not kill the game, it is good.
alex-9191 12 November 2023 08:21
Hello, I am writing my comment for the 2nd time. Rated 5 out of 5 deservedly, but optimization is lacking. Too bad I can not restore the account with +60 level. Well okay in this game you can play from 0 and will not get bored. Thank you for the game. I hope we will wait for season 3 of One Punch Man. How much work will it be:)
baibogav288 12 November 2023 21:49
The game is good, but free play player is difficult, a person who comes in and immediately will donate will easily bypass the player who played 2-3 years, and so the game is good mechanics are well thought out, with the balance of new characters there are problems, you could think about a separate server for free play players and "donators".So the game cool advice!!!!
alex198877 13 November 2023 08:17
You have to donate, prices I monal as a game to buy on ps, there is no possibility of pumping, random boxes with heroes, constantly the same fall characters, blue rank, purple very rarely, and that above the level of their pumping is very difficult in the end can not pump above the 140th level, thus treading on the spot and little activity dailies quickly bored .
alickalick 15 November 2023 00:17
Please make more locations in which you can play for a long time for beginners and not only, and so the game is super frequent updates is very good) I liked the game
baltbay960 18 November 2023 01:37
The game is good, but free play player is difficult, a person who comes in and immediately will donate will easily bypass the player who played 2-3 years, and so the game is good mechanics are well thought out, with the balance of new characters there are problems, you could think about a separate server for free play players and "donators".So the game cool advice!!!!
ari-23656 20 November 2023 13:42
The game fits perfectly into the anime canon, filled with lots of content, smooth difficulty ramp-up and character power. Constant events and generous promo codes. I recommend the game to all fans of the anime of the same name
allerdsa3 20 November 2023 14:10
I love this game, and the developers responding to comments. Thank you so much for your help. The game is great, lots of characters (not all, but almost) and their voices, good graphics, the story follows the anime, the game itself is almost glitch free. In other words, a solid 5!
azu-nwosu857 24 November 2023 19:45
Doing a second review, after half a year of playing the game. I would like to start with the fact that the developers surprised me very pleasantly because during this time the activity of updates was the same as when I just tried this game. Added various mechanics, as characters and gameplay.In the last review as well I hesitated, whether to write that the donation in this game and really, exclusively at will and not part of the game, now I can definitely say that the donation is not necessary.Would describe more + game, but the text is limited.
armada-n23 10 December 2023 09:56
The game is pretty cool a lot of character modes and a lot of choices how to make them stronger Ranks, levels, equipment, etc. etc characters themselves models are very good swing pretty easy but long resources are not bad, the game is very like!
amerika66 17 December 2023 01:18
In the last update, it took me twice as many points on Phoenix as it should have, because after restarting the divination fragments were worth 5 points, while I was buying them for 10. Compensation was sent 20 points in total, while others were sent 90 points each. I went to support with this issue, they are ignoring it for the second day. Please resolve this issue and then the mark will go back to 5 again.
alina-1374 27 December 2023 19:30
Great game!!! 5/5, 10/10, 100/100!!! Graphics, movement dynamics, sound, voices, story - I as a fan of this masterpiece, appreciated it!!!! Eh, too bad not all the characters that are in the game can be played, they go only as opponents. And it would be cool if there was a millipede Elder, although it is not real, but at least as a boss) I wanted to ask - pchy added all kinds of event characters that are already there? You can add other heroes and monsters).
artik26-96 13 January 2024 21:20
A great game that requires no monetary investment, but requires patience and time. Better than many other anime games of similar genre due to good animation and simplicity in the interface. Donation does not play a role here, everything can be achieved by yourself and a month to build up power and understand the aspects of the game
anafemest271 23 January 2024 09:10
Not bad overall, but the inter-server enemy selection in guild events is just awful, hundreds of times stronger. You can join guilds between servers, but newcomers pumped up guilds do not need, because there is no use for them if you are not going to start spending huge amounts of reals.
alexeyzim86 27 January 2024 07:15
Just started to play, so far pulled in, goes on the plot is interesting to watch, the graphics are also on top)
atom787 4 March 2024 02:50
Probably the best game of this genre, everything is simple and easy to understand, at first enough rewards, but with further pumping becomes very few rewards, please add content in terms of rewards, daily free one hire or daily discount for one hire, reward for entry (not just the first week of play), some events with rewards.Also would be nice to add content for playing with friends.Put 5 stars in the hope of promoting the game. Good luck, dear developers!
alex-han76 5 March 2024 18:55
The game is incredibly good, easy to learn and pass, without a donation I here quite well developed, the game is just fire, but it has a disadvantage when there are too many simultaneous actions on the screen the game hangs a little, because too many effects, but so, the characters are made well, their chips are also well done, the game is well redone and it is now almost nothing like AFK arena, respect to you in short, I hope that the game will continue to evolve
allesssio 25 March 2024 00:05
The game is good. But here is only, lags on my device, although it is clear - an old smartphone Honor 8. But still, I wish that on such, there was some kind of optimization. And I would like to donate to make deveshle, but this is not the most desirable. The most desirable for me personally, it is more inventory and tasks with a decent reward. And so, I am satisfied with the game.
anna16105911 1 April 2024 01:20
The game is good but the game can just break I can not play anywhere I vizde drain can only play for about 10 minutes and why there are no events at someone they have and I do not have yes and why someone immediately for a week give a gift and I have to wait a week. but someone can lead on the Persians and his game will not break.

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