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Download Oxide: Survival Island MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Oxide: Survival Island - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu]

Rating: 4.9 Votes: 3600
Version: 0.6.9
Android version: 8+
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Download Oxide: Survival Island MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Oxide: Survival Island MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Oxide: Survival Island MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Oxide: Survival Island MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Oxide: Survival Island - bright game in the genre - Simulation Games. Other apps of this genre act as mature games, with straightforward content. But you will gain a large mass of pleasure from the beautiful pictures, excellent melody and transience of what is happening in the game. Thanks to the clear controls, the game can to be played by both senior and teens. Due to the fact that most of specimens of this genre calculated to diverse age audience.

What do we get cumulatively with installation of considered apk? First-priority - juicy picture that won't act allergen to the eyes and adds a extraordinary flavor to the game. Next, must focus attention on game compositions that are different uniqueness and completely highlight everythingwhat happens in the game. Last, usual and comfortable controls. You don't have to worrying about searching necessary actions, or choose control buttons - everything is really simple .

Don't alarm genre of this games by its heavyness. This section of applications was developed for fun leisure, relaxation from their business and fun for. Don't should wait anything greater. In front of us ordinary representative of this genre, so without thinking immerse yourself in the world of fun and pleasure.

Minimum requirements:

Important information in this section, due to controversies data requirements maybe problem with start of the application. First identify the version of the operating system preinstalled on your device. Second - amount of unallocated space, because the application will ask resources for its installation.

OS version: Android 8+
Memory: 263MB

Statistical data:

This section - game statistics, informs how popular the game is, count installs and latest version available on site. So, counter of installs from our page tell how many users installed Oxide: Survival Island for Android system. Should I install featured app if you prefer to target installs. And here information about the version will allow you to compare your and recommended version of the game.

Downloads: 430000
Latest version: 0.6.9


This section is social data, provides you information about the rating of the game among users of our site. Current rating is formed by mathematical calculations. And the indicator votes will show you the activity of users in setting the rating. For example, you have the right to vote on your own and change the data results.

Average rating: 4.9
Number of voters: 3600

Mod characteristics: Oxide: Survival Island - MOD MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] + MOD [Menu]

Current Mod Type is enhanced version, where user there will be available large amount of coins and required unlocks. With provided by mod user will not need to make considerable efforts to comfortable game , maybe there will be open in-game items.

Visit catalogue more often, and we will make you cool a selection of mods for your games and applications.

How to install Oxide: Survival Island - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] from our website:

    To install the APK file from our website, follow the steps below:

    1. On your Android device, open "Settings" and find the "Security" or "Protection" section. The names and location of this section may vary slightly depending on your Android version.

    2. In the "Security" section, find the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. This is usually called "Unknown Sources" or "Unverified Sources". Give permissions to perform these actions, you only need to perform this operation once.

    3. Locate and click on the download link for Oxide: Survival Island - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu]. You may be prompted to choose where to save the file to your device.

    4. When the download completes, open any file manager on your Android device. You can use the built-in file manager or install a third-party app for this purpose.

Downlaod Oxide: Survival Island - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] ver. 0.6.9 APK

anknyazev 3 November 2023 02:04
Developers there are minuses bug when you throw locks they disappear bug two does not pass the damage can add more weapons and RTeshek and spears that not only throw but also hit them add a cauldron studied very inconvenient without it and more weapons for raids game is normal but it is some bugs and bugs and more donate things make for everyone it is a mask pumpkin Santa copter bug and etc
babyphat24659 9 November 2023 01:34
Great game for fans of survival! Dear developers make the next update that would scrap from barrels more fall and to be a huge map, you can make the place of the stone axe stone as in rasta, and so that to paint weapons and sets will be awesome answer!!!!!!!!. And make top graphics
barsum1889 9 November 2023 05:17
The game is very much like, but a lot of cheaters and moments when you want to podabyvat resources and you in the back of some ironman kills you with a screw in the head.very annoying . Put the function of saving (inventory at will).
alexkee 10 November 2023 05:12
the game itself is cool even very cool but there are some problems 1) well cheaters are not so much after the vyp but still there are not many cheaters 2) why when a player leaves the server it completely disappears just you make a lot of ammo and go to kill people and they pour and not interesting become 3) map more and variety should be added 4) let them add transportation not only for the rich, well and for ordinary people 5) and here is empty) in the game a lot of things while bugs, etc . If the developers do not abandon the game
ali-e-123 12 November 2023 03:06
Hello developers would like to add to the game 1) vvjpy not only. On the date of update and for example every month 2) a variety of maps, characters 3) I would like to add anti-cheat a little better because the guy FLAST MOD publishes cheats with aim, ESP mag bullets it is very much interferes with the game you run away and you fly 30 rounds from the AK.
anitec1721 12 November 2023 03:51
The game is top but lacks textures as in the real rasta, and optimization of weapons, peaceful city, different maps, oil,.
alex555 12 November 2023 05:59
Disgusting. If and put something not finalized, it should at least be playable, the genre of survival should not be easy, it is undoubtedly, but that to hunt with such a gaunt control, animation of animals and other things need a level of Miyagi. The island is empty, monotonous and made in a hurry and in one breath, it looks like even in between, if at all stupidly not generated. For 4 months could be a little to bring to mind if not the main goal of developers, to make money. One star with a stretch
ayaks 12 November 2023 08:34
Everything is good except for 1 Cheaters do not let you play the game calmly Improve ANTI CHIT THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE Improve ANTI CHIT!!!!!!! it would be possible to add more new weapons and the chance of falling scrap metal higher ATO mostly falls on 2,3 pieces waiting for fixing bugs and bugs
b2236 12 November 2023 15:54
Dear developers, why 3 stars reasons I have three: the first I do not like that in the oxide just so kicks, the second: developers optimize the game that the character does not hang, the third: when players leave the server under the foundation of their kicks. Developers fix it in the next update zhjpzjpzjzj
anta-dt787 12 November 2023 16:11
The game is more or less normal, but there are minuses 1) FPS small and play is not very pleasant 2) cloth is made of leather, and skin is extracted in animals, but the animals are very rare 3) bow and spear shooting scythe and hit almost unreal 4) Scap to get a difficult, and it is necessary before the first weapon is very much. Wishes zdelat at least a few types of components
alex-amd 15 November 2023 14:36
The game is good, but a small map, it would be desirable something would be more, as well as not enough bases where you can get scrap, etc. tk players a lot, and spavn barrels only on the road. Here or reaestes the one who plays with friends or with the clan, add a team system. Tip threw an invitation to the team and do not worry about anything, long farming, it is desirable to add an improved pickaxe and axe
amigo736326 16 November 2023 05:06
Dear developers, why 3 stars reasons I have three: the first I do not like that in the oxide just so kicks, the second: developers optimize the game that the character does not hang, the third: when players leave the server under the foundation of their kicks. Developers fix it in the next update zhjpzjpzjzj
allle869 16 November 2023 12:36
1 star justified: 1) very, very, very, very bad anti-cheat, now when sold out cheats for 10 rubles just no sense to play. Cheaters on every server and at every turn 2) very few locations on such a map, you need to distribute them across the map and add at least 2-4 new locations. This is the basis, everything else is tolerable, yes, even without the locations of the norm, you just need a good ANTICHIT!!!!
alex-1960 18 November 2023 03:24
For a long time dreamed of a mobile RUST game cool to refine and will be a sensation in mobile games is very similar to Rasta and I like it I put a score of 4 to refine some bugs and quality of the picture I put five certainly
anddim 21 November 2023 06:22
One star because there are few locations, a lot of cheaters, too much damage from animals, players in steel armor can only be killed with an 8-pulse to the head is very difficult, when you fix everything I will put 5 stars
ballet65245 21 November 2023 09:52
Hello developers! The game is cool but there are minuses. 1-little resources. 2-No trade zones. And the biggest problem is a lot of cheaters, please fix. Add new resources and make the map more than the old map. And by the way thank you for such an interesting game!
allacciati198 3 December 2023 10:15
Dear creators of the game, the game is good, even something reminiscent of Rust, but there are minuses, trees are extremely lacking could be added more trees, as well as a store (in the city) where you could buy items for scrap, as well as you can add weapons Kalash, machine gun. I realize that some things can not be added tk you can tear down for copyright, but so the game is good it has success
ali-na-fpp29 29 December 2023 17:25
Let me put it this way, make normal melee combat. I was playing right now, 4 finger layout. Notifications are coming in and while I was trying to kill a bear, another notification came in and I accidentally opened it. Trying to get back in quickly and kills the bear. I run back to the corpse, and there is a man found both the corpse and the bear. In the end, 6 minutes of fighting on axes and just impossible to do it. Totally. + To all this lags on the Internet, although it is good
anv2000 3 February 2024 10:55
The game is exciting graphics gorgeous graphics but you need good patience because nubov kill those who have made and studied weapons and so very cool but lacks ore built and weapons and transport that is not donated and obkreida for weapons and fishing and underwater world and pesher and more system dhishchita dharma
azanieva 16 February 2024 01:50
The game is good but there are minuses just you play such and the system throws you out just simply and it happens that just lose all the resources and a lot of cheaters it just pisses me off and bears and so on are very much demolish damage change PLEASE change
andiweb100 17 February 2024 23:06
The game is normal, but why scrap so difficult to extract.Just to extract scrap on the 3 door type MVK, you need 500 scrap and to get to it +-800, I agree the door is good but it is just in daval times better than the iron door, which costs 100 scrap, why could not be 250 to make. Yes, and it is very difficult to get scrap for weapons, in the usual rasta, as for me, so much easier .And why if you knocked out a weapon, or something else that you have not studied, it can not be used. In the growth can. add a table of studies!!!!
aut0exec660 6 March 2024 07:25
The game is top but, need to make more map, more buildings (not just the city and gas stations), more weapons, since pvp onli on rifles, be sure to improve anti-cheat because the Chinese who can all from invisibility to kill the axe huge, even from bad intrenet connection can ban for "Cheats" and all that you had in were in the event disappears. Also you can add more mechanics like a vegetable garden, etc. So far the main problem is anti-chit, but you have everything ahead of you! I believe)
baikal-m734 7 March 2024 18:01
The game is good, but when the server you reset and appear not where the server was cleared, but on the shore fix please I stoiko luta so lost. Antichit is useless and interferes he throws me out of the server I tried to run home 10 times to get home
alinka69 10 March 2024 09:20
И [...] [...] [...]
alkochol75344 10 March 2024 12:45
The game is mostly good but there are many minuses, very bad anti-cheat, few of all the plushies as in the real rast, a lot of prolagov and tp and the worst in my opinion is a very rare number of vypov. And I would be very grateful if they add ladders, tourels or gantraps, so that spears could hit and not just throw, and increase the damage he some weapons revik, shotgun and a little rifle, because in the head 100 + demolishes and in the body only 20-30.

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