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Download Vikings: War of Clans MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Vikings: War of Clans - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu]

Rating: 4.4 Votes: 1000
Version: 1.4.3
Android version: 9+
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Download Vikings: War of Clans MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Vikings: War of Clans MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Vikings: War of Clans MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Vikings: War of Clans MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Vikings: War of Clans - beautiful game in the genre - Strategy Games. All instances of this section represent regular games, with minimal content. But you will receive a large mass of bliss from the beautiful graphics, diverse melody and rapidity of what is happening in the game. Thanks to the intelligible management, the app have the ability to be played by both senior and teens. Especially most of specimens of this category foreseen to diverse age group.

What do we acquire cumulatively with installation of received apk? Basic - juicy picture that shouldn't serve as an irritant to the eyes and gives a non-standard flavor to the game. Likewise, should pay attention on music that are different individuality and completely highlight everythingwhat happens in the game. Last, simple and convenient controls. You don't have to worrying about searching necessary actions, or search control buttons - everything is simple and clear.

Don't mislead genre of this games by its inventiveness. This section of applications was created for excellent pastime, relaxation from their duties and fun for. Don't should wait anything significant. In front of us standard representative of this section, so without thinking immerse yourself in the universe of fun and adventurism.

Minimum requirements:

Important information in this section, due to controversies specified requirements detected problem with launch of the application. First identify the version of the operating system downloaded on your device. Second - amount of empty space, because the application will request resources for its installation .

OS version: Android 9+
Memory: 384MB

Statistical data:

This paragraph - game statistics, tells how hit the game is, number installs and available version available on site. And so, counter of installs from our page will let you know how many people unpacked Vikings: War of Clans for Android system. Should I install featured app if you wish to target installs. And here information about the version will help you to verify your and proposed version of the game.

Downloads: 400000
Latest version: 1.4.3


This paragraph is social data, provides you information about the rating of the game among players of our site. Current rating is formed by mathematical calculations. And the number voted tell you the activity of players in setting the rating. Similarly you may to take part on your own and determine the obtained results.

Average rating: 4.4
Number of voters: 1000

Mod characteristics: Vikings: War of Clans - MOD MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] + MOD [Menu]

Given Mod Type is enhanced version, where player there will be available huge amount of in-game currency and other goodies. With provided by mod player will not need to make big efforts to advance in the game , maybe there will be open in-game purchases.

Visit our portal more often, and we will provide you new a selection of mods for your games and applications.

How to install Vikings: War of Clans - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] from our website:

    To install the APK file from our website, follow the steps below:

    1. On your Android device, open "Settings" and find the "Security" or "Protection" section. The names and location of this section may vary slightly depending on your Android version.

    2. In the "Security" section, find the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. This is usually called "Unknown Sources" or "Unverified Sources". Give permissions to perform these actions, you only need to perform this operation once.

    3. Locate and click on the download link for Vikings: War of Clans - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu]. You may be prompted to choose where to save the file to your device.

    4. When the download completes, open any file manager on your Android device. You can use the built-in file manager or install a third-party app for this purpose.

Downlaod Vikings: War of Clans - MOD [Unlimited money/gems] + MOD [Menu] ver. 1.4.3 APK

alex201275 1 November 2023 08:32
The game crashes as soon as I try to go to the world map for the first time and gives the error: Failed to load world map resources. Tried to connect from different wi fi, although my fiber from them is no different. Cleared the cache, reset the game data, reset, even rollback the phone to factory settings did not help.... And about a year ago I played and everything was fine. Applying to tech support is useless, each time describes the bot with the same message, and notifies about the closure of the application.
auror1997 1 November 2023 12:06
The game crashes as soon as I try to go to the world map for the first time and gives the error: Failed to load world map resources. Tried to connect from different wi fi, although my fiber from them is no different. Cleared the cache, reset the game data, reset, even rollback the phone to factory settings did not help.... And about a year ago I played and everything was fine. Applying to tech support is useless, each time describes the bot with the same message, and notifies about the closure of the application.
axonardi680 9 November 2023 04:15
It feels that the power of the servers is not enough, lags a little spoil the mood, especially when the holiday ubers, on jotunheim also 100 times think about attacking the opponent or not, because it can throw out and then sadness. Bug with as if free tiles, when in fact they are busy. Well, but in general the game is normal, the idea, elaboration, realization is good, I put 5 with a minus, with the condition that work on the elimination of errors).
ascall1987 9 November 2023 12:39
Normal game, been playing for two years now. Graphics are normal, music is cool. But, I will put five when you add more achievements, because with their appearance became more interesting to play. For example, I already have "Conqueror of the Bivreost", and it was interesting to solve and think about its receipt.))))))
bald06 9 November 2023 16:55
The game is addictive, good animation and for that reason alone 2★ , but the drawbacks are: not optimized (android) lagged both 3 years ago and now. Free to call it difficult, because if you want to achieve something in this game, you will have to pour a couple thousand. Without donation will be very difficult and long.
barkan 10 November 2023 00:06
In general, the game is nothing, graphics sympotic, there is what to rock, and in general a lot of opportunities. And of course, where is without "BUT"!!! There is one " but" which is very annoying that after "minimize" (go to another application, call or read a text message) flies out and starts sometimes with the 3rd, 4th attempt!!!! Therefore only 4!
ashot3110335 10 November 2023 05:24
Been playing the game for 3 years. Spent about 75000 rubles. and suddenly one day flew a ban on bank offers, which essentially means the end of development in the game. When asked about the reason for the ban did not get a specific answer, refer to the violation of the user agreement, but nothing specific, so I still do not know what my violation. I do not recommend spending money on the account, as at any moment it can become completely useless. 3 years and wasted money for nothing! Do not waste your time on this game
aram-v777 15 November 2023 13:15
The game is really addictive! Subjectively - donation is not crazy (yes, hard to gold dig up, but real, especially on joining the clan and participation in clan competitions). A huge bug, in my opinion, is the lack of copypaste in the chat and glitches when mashing words (myself in the English-speaking clan and with a translator can not work because of these bugs - communicating e-mail with fellow clansmen).
alex13-7623 16 November 2023 12:30
In fact, the game is fine But the fact that it came to the point that cut the rewards by 50% for daily puzzles is a disgrace to the project ! My clan on them nailed only takes game memory For 6 years of play much spoiled on the new angles of development. Def cits 4 one player in solo on easy Def cits 5 clan can not take
barbi-73 20 November 2023 18:08
An excellent and entertaining game. I like everything, but I would like to add the ability to usurp the title of chief (only elders) in the clan for example with the battle of the elder and the chief. This is due to the fact that the clan is thriving and the chief himself for a long time has not come in. Add this and everything will be much more exciting.
alexcsu 20 November 2023 21:54
The game itself is normal, the developers leave a lot to be desired, tilted the game x... what, and optimization do not want to do or can not! I can advise, for the money received from donations, hire a normal specialist to solve these problems, because you have it weak! Do not pull out, the stability of the game hangs somewhere around the plinth: dropouts from the game suddenly, logging into the game out of the blue hangs, with the load of online participants the game begins to lag, especially during events
ayra1647 21 November 2023 01:50
Good afternoon, dear developers. I like the game in spite of the donation. The only suggestion from me, if you are interested in my opinion, of course, is a request that when you stand on a resource location without a shield, it was possible to tap on, invented by you icon, near the same location during the attack. That would not have to confirm the cancellation of the campaign, going to the menu cancel the campaign.When demolished on flights without shields, the eye does not have time to blink.While 5 in advance. Think about it!
andrian210675 21 November 2023 04:54
Five points...!!! Thank you for the game...there are of course problems (( but overall.... beautiful game For five years of playing got a real pleasure...!!!!! And by the way...Mr. developers... not pay attention to the negative reviews... ...the game is super...!!!!!! And the FACT that some players do not have enough without the dogat.... well...this is their personal problem (((and by the way...try to open (store) between players....
allois 25 November 2023 00:03
Braking Game. Very long development: without donnat in a year will reach ur25 to be able to fight. Constant glitches: it is not possible to play throws out when a second later the enemy sent troops to you: come in + has already mopped up (and restore the troops a couple of days it takes). Construction of buildings and research from a week to 20 Ur. Up to a year and up. To study all the life is not enough with the acceleration- Game for immortals!!!! Or who has a lot of free time (retired).
ali-galka 7 December 2023 16:08
great game, but lacks realism and heavy management: not where at first will not understand, even do not quite understand how to explain, but in general: the idea is terrific, graphics 2, the design of the game - badly very, so impossible to understand where to click, despite the fact that there is training, it is still difficult to understand that you need to build more, ie what buildings, soldiers are more important, in short not quite right to explain, just the idea of the game is great, but otherwise you could do better.
allekssss 13 January 2024 00:15
there are a number of shortcomings, in general not bad, even throw in dough sometimes is not a pity upd: lack of more flexible management in the clan and chat is not very convenient, would like to have their subsections to communicate for example specifically the top of the clan, while you have to use third-party programs, if something to think about it, it would be great.
arhicooper 14 January 2024 15:40
Played this game a year ago everything was good I got involved, palace level 26 seems to be all cool, but time was short and I abandoned. Now decided to return to the game and start all over again in a new kingdom with his girlfriend, but here is no problem, cancel progress is impossible, it would seem a standard procedure in all games, just delete the game and when downloading there is a choice to restore progress or start a new game, here for some reason there is no such thing
artemhtz 21 January 2024 16:06 is would be nice if there was an opportunity to merge clans.many do not go to another clan because of the citadel, a lot invested in it, in particular gold and accelerators for real money.will be a certain development of would be nice to put in order in the stones, runes, is not convenient in the full list to look for the desired material or stone, it would be ideal if there would be a filter on the types of troops.that would be able to choose what you need, rather than searching among all the stones.
arrowhd 11 March 2024 03:21
Thank you for the setting, music and beautiful visuals.The game has potential, but as for me just one big minus, from which so much negativity to the game, and myself threw and came back 3 times at least.Dear developers balance the ratio of levels of buildings (+knowledge) and time (preferably and resources) more PLAVNO that would cause addiction to the game, thank you for your attention. P.s.I put a good grade in the hope of correcting the error.
arustay 11 March 2024 16:10
Interesting game, addictive :) But there is one but - add the ability to reset the cost levels in the Valkyrie stronghold at least once, from the moment of account creation. Many players inexperience, not knowing what their profile type of troops, begin to incorrectly set levels. And as a result, the profile type of troops can be the most expensive, because of which it becomes impossible to develop.
angel-03-316 20 March 2024 15:55
Hello, dear developers! The game is super, at first I thought that I will not understand how to play and will be boring, now a little playing this game I can share with you my opinion, in general terms, everything is quite excellent and well thought out) Special thanks for the lack of advertising and for a lot of bonuses, gifts for completing tasks and achievements. But I put so far 4 stars for the following shortcomings and disadvantages of the game: 1. Other players (not all) can attack my castle using the world. contract.
anzela200853 22 March 2024 11:16
The game is great. I do not understand people who say that without donation nowhere. I play at 23lvl, rezovalom rezovalom have no problems. And most importantly, did not spend a dime on the game. Although I am not as fast as I want to develop, but for free. (I play 3 weeks) To the developers: It would be nice if all the same gold in the battles of kingdoms and clans fell more, for personal achievements.
badro-2323 26 March 2024 19:26
The game is high, a lot of different actions, a huge world, all top. I would also like to make a couple of locations so that people with 1000000000 power did not meet people who have a million and no, newcomers are difficult to start playing, but then it all becomes clear

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