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Download Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu]

Rating: 3.5 Votes: 7800
Version: 2.7.3
Category: Mod for Games / Trivia
Android version: 6+
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Download Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for AndroidDownload Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] APK for Android

Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz - wonderful game in the section - Trivia Games. All representatives of this genre represent simple games, with intricate plot. Although you will gain a considerable mass of bliss from the beautiful pictures, pleasant melody and transience of what is happening in the game. Thanks to the simple management, the game can to be played by both adults and children. Especially most representatives of this category calculated to variegated age group.

What do we gain together with installation of specific apk? First-priority - drawn picture that won't serve as an irritant to the eyes and adds a special flavor to the game. Next, it is worth focus attention on game compositions that are different novelty and completely emphasize everythingwhat happens in the game. Finally, clear and comfortable controls. You don't have to puzzling over searching required actions, or search control buttons - everything is intuitive.

Don't frighten section of this games by its lightness. This section of applications was invented for good pastime, relaxation from their duties and mere entertainment. Don't should expect anything greater. In front of players ordinary sample of this genre, so without thinking immerse yourself in the realm of drive and adventure.

Minimum requirements:

Read this section, due to non-compliance data requirements maybe problem with installation of the application. First install the version of the operating system updated on your device. After - amount of free space, because the application will require resources for its download.

OS version: Android 6+
Memory: 338MB

Statistical data:

This paragraph - game statistics, tells how cool the game is, number installs and downloaded version available on portal. So, number of installs from our page provide information how many users downloaded Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz for Android system. Should I install current app if you wish to target counter. And here data about the version will help you to compare your and provided version of the game.

Downloads: 310000
Latest version: 2.7.3


This paragraph is social data, gives you information about the rating of the game among visitors of our site. Indicated rating is generated by mathematical calculations. And the indicator voted indicate you the activity of visitors in forming the rating. Similarly and you may to participate on your own and change the obtained results.

Average rating: 3.5
Number of voters: 7800

Mod characteristics: Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu]

Current Mod Type is unlocked version, where you there will be offered massive amount of money and other advantage. With this modification you will not need to make big efforts to pass the game , still there will be open game purchases.

Visit portal more often, and we will collect you good a selection of mods for your games and applications.

How to install Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] from our website:

    To install the APK file from our website, follow the steps below:

    1. On your Android device, open "Settings" and find the "Security" or "Protection" section. The names and location of this section may vary slightly depending on your Android version.

    2. In the "Security" section, find the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. This is usually called "Unknown Sources" or "Unverified Sources". Give permissions to perform these actions, you only need to perform this operation once.

    3. Locate and click on the download link for Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] . You may be prompted to choose where to save the file to your device.

    4. When the download completes, open any file manager on your Android device. You can use the built-in file manager or install a third-party app for this purpose.

Downlaod Millionaire Trivia Game Quiz - MOD [Unlimited money] + MOD [Menu] ver. 2.7.3 APK

ardak89-09755 29 October 2023 19:01
The game, good truth some questions about modern slang is not very correct.and earned virtual money could be on something to spend for example would be a store in the game think about it please if you change it I will download again and rearrange the grade and so the game is not bad!
autbreak 3 November 2023 22:01
Debilitating, stupid questions, played for a couple hours, so wanted to send these creators to zero class.
asua09-08 7 November 2023 17:01
Good app, but my unburnable amounts broke and now any amount is unburnable. The hint "replace the question" is superfluous to me. And I would like the audience and Einstein to be wrong sometimes, but all the time they give correct hints.
amc-100 9 November 2023 07:21
The game is addictive! You can sit endlessly without doing anything! Thanks to the developers! Just relax from other thoughts. I advise everyone to start, a complete relaxation!
anrilouk667 9 November 2023 22:43
Very interesting
badma828 11 November 2023 03:37
Always interesting questions. I like it a lot. Thanks to the developers.
alex-430449 12 November 2023 03:15
The app is very good. But please add an age selection so you can play easier. That is how old you are, on this level of difficulty questions.
apicard 13 November 2023 10:55
The complexity of the questions is not always adequately ranked. Sometimes very difficult questions are found up to 5000, which does not correspond to the idea of the franchise.
annabel10 14 November 2023 23:55
The game is good super but there is a disadvantage and it is as always fucking ads!!!!!!! please remove it when I play all the time this ad comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And with respect Alex
badik2009 18 November 2023 00:56
Really like this app, but the ads are annoying. Especially when everyone is asleep and the sound of the game is off, you forget about the ads, and it is here as it is - screaming. The game itself is very good
alexvel 19 November 2023 03:50
The game in principle is good: the questions are difficult, etc. But there is one big disadvantage (a lot of advertising).
amir-c510 22 November 2023 16:07
I agree with you the game is very interesting I for 7h. I managed to accumulate 280 r. I guarantee you to download it there are many things you can learn and it develops your memory on this mu I put this game 5 stars. Goodbye, thank you for your attention.
aliohsa534 22 November 2023 19:02
Cool but there is 1 minus in the game is little varieties of words some words are repeated can developers fix it, but so the game is good
alexmaily 22 November 2023 22:14
Hello dear developers, I give you 5 stars but tell me please do you send money? If not, I give you 1 star. But so, the app is very good. Good day to all readers. Developers please reply to my review
andgel1977135 13 December 2023 18:00
Reklamanga odniki... No skichaiti tolako advertisement
balbo-75 13 December 2023 20:32
I like the game so far. Although some words of the questions have missing endings. When answering the question "Which animals are viviparous?", I chose the option "echidna" (other options: turtle, lizard, crocodile), but the game indicated that the correct answer was "lizard". I thought that a lizard, like a crocodile and a turtle, lay eggs
ballack-06 22 December 2023 23:25
I basically liked the game but there is 1 drawback what to do with the money that I won I have 9 and a half lam and where to spend them is not clear? And so the game is cool think of where you can spend the money and I will put 5
arabica180 26 December 2023 18:05
Hello developers, the application is good, but "smart" There was a question: who opened the first private detective bureau: I answered Pinkerton is the right answer and on the Internet such an answer, but your application showed "that Vidocq" Although this is not the right answer. Correct your mistakes!
antonika11 30 December 2023 14:06
Deleted it because of the huge amount of annoying ads!
andrei-l905 25 January 2024 11:40
Interesting game, and the main one is humorous). Questions there are both difficult and easy, which is exactly what you need to observe. I recommend, download it to kill time).
alexsl56134 28 January 2024 19:56
After the update it became cool update is also super, everyone says turn off the ads, people just turn off the Wifi and there will be no ads!!!!!
alushta-09797 8 February 2024 01:15
Since 01.08. in the game. For the development of the mind is useful to play this game, but no more than that. There is no speech about winning, but lure, just this, and, since the conditions are not met - THREE stars! GameOver!
aletawu28216 15 February 2024 19:15
The game is very cool Cool was if you can earn money to withdraw to the card or balance. And so the application super brain develops.
assdada883 3 March 2024 09:25
The game is very educational and interesting. In my opinion there is no need for questions with slang slang. We are Russian people. And it would be better to have old Russian words in the questions. In the question where are the epaulettes the answer is wrong - shoulders. In fact, epaulettes were worn on the upper arms. The shoulder is the part of the arm above the forearm.
aytachywsy986 9 March 2024 17:50
Playing is pleasant, no unnecessary delays between questions. No spelling or semantic errors were encountered. The sound accompaniment is identical to the original game.
aygun-6 20 March 2024 06:55
The game is great ! ! ! Developers, there is one minus. In the game there are spelling mistakes ! Correct it. And so the game is very cool and interesting.
aria2005 24 March 2024 21:06
The game is cool, develops logic and thinking. By the way, who asks: Is the real money given out? No, the money is not real, think about it (the developers would go bankrupt) If each of their players would give a certain amount of money. Even without paying for questions, the application is still normal. Advice.
alexdo952 27 March 2024 11:15
Interesting, informative game. A lot of different kinds of non-repeatable questions. Not a lot of advertising.
artatko 29 March 2024 04:35
Since 01.08. in the game. For the development of the mind is useful to play this game, but no more than that. There is no speech about winning, but lure, just this, and, since the conditions are not met - THREE stars! GameOver!
an-dreys 31 March 2024 23:25
Lots of anglicisms and jargonisms, almost nothing from Russian history or culture.

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