Download Hacked Default Music Player Pro Version MOD for Android

Download Hacked Default Music Player Pro Version MOD for Android
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    Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Рейтинг: 4.5
Голосов: 594532
Download Default Music Player - Pro Version MOD
Default Music Player for Android is a excellent application from the famous team JAYAVELU V. Desired volume empty on-device memory for the unpacking - 19M, press delete unclaimed programs, games and photo for complete process of the moving downloadable files. Desirable rule - modern version of the operating system . Requires Android - 5.0 and up, make sure your device is up to date, because of substandard system constraints, there is a possibility for lags with retrieving the application. About prevalence games will mark number users, unzipped to self app - based on data passed the mark in 100,000,000+, say, your writing files obviously will be recorded metric.

Give it a try discuss flair this programs. Firstly - it is quality and finished picture. Secondly - thoughtful scripts and requests. Thirdly - usable icons of the control. Fourthly - lively soundtracks. As a result we reach myself stunning game.

Variation Default Music Player (Pro Version MOD) for Android - for moment output in category corrected files - 7.0.31, at the new version were eliminated revealed hang-ups triggers instability device. At this hour creator uploaded file from February 19, 2022 - add new data, if installed unfinished version program. Stop by to our Contact, so that launch only common software and applications, provided to us by the authors.
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Download Hacked Default Music Player Pro Version MOD for Android


bardovskij 10 May 2023 09:05
Complete crap, I do not recommend, loads long, the songs do not appear until you reload. So the music is also turned off at any incomprehensible moment, and, yes, advertising and unintelligible notifications.
amirova-94 15 May 2023 08:13
The player is pleased with the variety of themes and the presence of a dark theme. But it grieves BAG. Its essence is as follows: there is a function - to change the information about the track. Excellent, good. There you can also "hang" the image on the track. But it does not hang. Nothing. Neither on the album, nor on the track. After another attempt to put it on the album, the application froze, updating information about the track.
apacho9371 9 June 2023 12:04
I really like the application, but there is a minus. When I rewind a song without going into the app, the next song in the list comes on, even though I always have random order enabled. Fix this, please. A huge plus is that if you stop the music, there is an icon in the top menu with which you can restore playback. This allows you to turn the music on even in those applications that turn it off automatically. Thank you very much for this! The problem remained after the update.
annsanta110 21 June 2023 04:48
In general, the player is good, but unfortunately the equalizer works on the principle of "when you turn on cut the power, and with the slider of each frequency, raise the power of the desired frequency. Before that I removed the other player for the same reason. Question to the developers: why does the equalizer reduce the power and sound volume? EQ of Android players and yours cut the power, and then the settings return it to frequencies?
ann-wins1735 24 June 2023 11:56
Not bad and generally comfortable. Of the minuses: not always change the name of the song, not inserted a picture, and the player for some reason stopped responding to wireless headphones (pressing the button, the music does not turn on, and yes, in other applications all works, I checked).
aoetreu77c 26 June 2023 21:51
I use for several years and the player has not failed at all (except for once, where after a major update player has changed beyond recognition and my playlists were deleted) recommend anyone who wants a stable player (for those who do not like advertising in the player, I say that I get ads only once every 6-7 songs if the phone was turned on of course and so you can sit in offline mode and advertising will not.
ameetk2664 4 July 2023 05:52
I used to download this application was all good, now I downloaded a complete crap, the music does not appear, even if you start listening to it will turn off at any incomprehensible moment
ar5a9 22 July 2023 15:47
It used to be a good application, used in principle very often, but after the update, all the music is gone!!! There are only five pieces of unknown where they came from.I do not understand why so? In the phone memory this music is, but in the application is not displayed.And if it must be added, then again I looked - nowhere.How to fix it? And also became much more advertising, it is honestly already annoying has become.Just start the application and immediately - ads.
alyabest 13 August 2023 22:43
The application is good, there are a lot of ads, but you can immediately close and pops up mostly at the beginning. BUT! Fix the ability to mix music. Used to work, tepert when you press this button just plays the first song and then in order. And so already several updates without a fix
alla74583 27 August 2023 22:46
You know, usually I do not write reviews, but here I just wanted to share. dear developers, the application in principle good and fulfills its function.BUT! firstly, it is impossible to change the information about the track, I think it says "changes successfully saved", but still nothing changed. and secondly, for some reason songs are not deleted. just comes out a window "this track can not be deleted" I would like to fix these problems. good luck in the future <3
anuta18-05 11 September 2023 00:46
Cool app. The only wish is to add the ability to sort songs by time of addition so that at the beginning of the list are the songs added last. Because so far there is only the opposite option.
awekcunz07152 15 September 2023 05:44
Everything would be great, if....When listening to an audiobook it is not possible to set the order of tracks by name. Playing 1 track, then sounds 10, 11, 12....19, then 2, followed by 20, 21, 22, etc. I have to manually turn on the tracks every time. It is very inconvenient. I appeal to the developers, please solve this problem. And then you can deservedly put 5 points. » Music and Audio » Download Hacked Default Music Player Pro Version MOD for Android