Download Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for Android

Download Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for Android
  • Developer:
    SimpleLife Studio: Offline & Relaxing Puzzle Games
  • Version:
  • Installations:
  • Android OS:
    Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Рейтинг: 4.7
Голосов: 132105
Download Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games - Premium Unlocked MOD
Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games for Android is a exemplary game from the famous author SimpleLife Studio: Offline & Relaxing Puzzle Games. Declared volume empty device memory for the builds - 11M, remove unclaimed programs, games and music tracks for complete action of the moving irreplaceable files. Unavoidable requirement - fresh edition of the system . Requires Android - 4.4 and up, upload new modification, because of third-rate system values, will obstacles with file transfer. About prevalence applications Download MOD Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games for Android last version will mark group participating players, installed to itself app - after upgrade piled up 5,000,000+, pertinently, your program download must will be counted service.

Let is try discuss singularity this applications. Firstly - it is good and cool picture. Secondly - scoring tasks and targets. Thirdly - comfortably placed button schemes of the control. Fourthly - major motives. As a result we launch myself powerful game.

Variation Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games (Premium Unlocked MOD) for Android - for time release shared corrected files - 5.12.0, at the modified version were eliminated detected instabilities detecting uneven graphics device. At this minute author submitted to the site file from February 8, 2022 - check the box for the upgrade, if downloaded old version program. Come in to our Contact, so that launch only good software and applications, found by our staff.
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Download Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for Android


andkav37 30 April 2023 10:02
Very cool game relaxing. And not a lot of commercials.
aman1505 30 April 2023 17:32
The game is cool . Very addictive. This game is difficult but passable.Very nice colors. But I do not like all of the wallpaper. But it deserves five stars. Strange that the game logo is displayed stacked on the gods without a background .
balagote 1 May 2023 02:01
Very cool game very beautiful colors, etc. I advise to play only if you are not color blind
aw-jf616 10 May 2023 16:32
Farbsortierung vom Feinsten und kein Unsinn.
bald06928 10 May 2023 18:33
Farbe macht mich glücklich, also ist dieses Spiel perfekt!
alex-krur900 12 May 2023 10:03
Ich liebe diesen Stressabbau. Gekauft ohne Werbung. Lohnt sich auf jeden Fall. Es macht Spaß und ist befriedigend, zu sehen, wie viel besser man mit jedem Level wird.
arnemorch3 13 May 2023 00:03
I like the color puzzle. It develops imagination, trains the brain. I recommend it to everyone, it develops perseverance and patience.
as-s2010797 15 May 2023 09:31
The game is cool) the author thank you very much that there are no ads. And the game is so good for the brain. And time to kill if bored.
alex32-2645 23 May 2023 00:32
The game is very cool, no ads, no lag well just super I played before but with the update just cool, bomba all my advice and the developers thank you so much for such a cool game do more such games ☺️☺️
azat211090 23 May 2023 18:32
The game is interesting. I liked everything, there are no minuses. so I give it 5 stars.
alicia2384201 24 May 2023 07:32
The game is actually very cool, develops a differentiation of colors, for example, if I solve a level for 2-3 minutes my sister 10-15, in general a very cool game, Developers, please add online mode with the assembly of speed, ustoyet that will win who collects faster
alik-38 31 May 2023 18:33
So far, so cool! Not very hard, but not very easy. The game is interesting and not even bored yet
awvul 2 June 2023 00:34
The game is cool, it works without the Internet, people with color perception is better not to play, but this is kozhdogo. I have a color perception disorder, but I still play this game and I really like it :)
alena03f 7 June 2023 15:33
The game is cool, no ads, relaxing. I recommend it to everyone!
alinasss 8 June 2023 20:34
Hello, the application is very interesting and relaxing and no ads and weighs little thanks to the developers for such a cool game
anqelok86 10 June 2023 20:31
The game is very addictive very interesting to play
barry1961 11 June 2023 01:34
The app is great! For figuring out the shades and colors is cool, as a puzzle is easy enough and very cool enticement free wallpaper and there are quite stylish and fun! 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!!!!!
amoron-83 12 June 2023 04:31
The game is good, even great, but when you start playing, you need to re-pass the previous level that you passed the last time you ran the game, because it is constantly reset. That is, I passed level 143 yesterday, it was marked as passed, today turned on the game and again need to pass the same. Every time this happens.
arisha-zu 13 June 2023 06:33
I like the game is fun for those who can distinguish colors
avatolin75 14 June 2023 16:31
The levels are very cool, the colors are delicate and pleasing to the eye, you can also set the picture to yourself, or share. Thank you for creating this beautiful game! I give it 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
amanko 20 June 2023 19:32
This game is very cool, there are no ads! Very aesthetic looking)))) really deserves 5 stars✋⭐️!!!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful game
alla5257 21 June 2023 08:31
I really liked this game, but please help me if the game is deleted, how to restore all the completed levels?
amanda983166 21 June 2023 20:31
For artists, designers, especially those who are just learning - I highly recommend it! Great game app for developing logic and a sense of color
arturi69 25 June 2023 17:31
Very good game, I sit and play it.
b-o-27 26 June 2023 16:32
Cool game I like it! No lag, no crashes, and no internet.
aman1505535 27 June 2023 17:32
Remove the ads after each уровня☹️
avers-ltd965 4 July 2023 00:32
The game is super cool! This game not only develops thinking. In addition, it is a super cool exercise for artists! If I could give it a 10 ☆ I would give it 12 stars! Definitely the best puzzle game!!!
alexs-93581 7 July 2023 13:30
I really liked this game, but please help me if the game is deleted, how to restore all the completed levels?
artyom315 7 July 2023 23:31
I like the fact that there are no intrusive advertisements
azuc3na3 9 July 2023 07:30
Very fun and exciting game. I recommend it to everyone.
angel9023797 10 July 2023 10:31
A very unusual, pleasing to the eye and mind easy puzzle
baksid247855 14 July 2023 15:31
The game is cool no ads. I like everything. I advise you to download!!!
anitec1904 3 August 2023 19:30
The game is very good at developing thinking. I had a very long trip a long time ago and this game was not boring. You have a question: Why did you give 4 stars? I gave 4 stars because the levels are difficult.
apati4naya266 10 August 2023 19:31
A quiet meditative game. Trains the eye to distinguish shades, attentiveness. Aesthetically pleasing to look at colors.
annamida5 12 September 2023 20:31
There is one downside. When you click on the "continue" button, you are thrown to the menu with all levels. It would be more convenient if this button immediately opened the next level. And so the game is super-duper<3
alexkee 19 September 2023 14:30
I just downloaded it to clean it up. The application copes with it. Thanks to the developers, user-friendly interface, fonts pleasant to the eye, a selection of colors. I can not pass by without leaving a positive comment, rarely I do anything from the heart » Puzzle » Download Hacked Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games Premium Unlocked MOD for Android