Download Hacked Supremacy 1914 Premium Unlocked MOD for Android

Download Hacked Supremacy 1914 Premium Unlocked MOD for Android
  • Developer:
    Bytro Labs
  • Version:
  • Installations:
  • Android OS:
    Requires Android - 6.0 and up
Рейтинг: 4.6
Голосов: 64072
Download Supremacy 1914 - Premium Unlocked MOD
Supremacy 1914 for Android is a distinctive game from the important application developer Bytro Labs. Requested volume vacant on-device memory for the settings - 39M, copy to flash drive unapplicable programs, games and music tracks for perfect flow of the setting desirable files. Most important rule - latest edition of the loaded system . Requires Android - 6.0 and up, upload new modification, because of bad system values, there is a possibility for lags with working capacity. About prevalence games will mark group users, uploaded to itself app - after upgrade piled up 1,000,000+, pertinently, your software version obviously will be written service.

Take a chance discuss uncommonness this games. Firstly - it is marvellous and finished graphic. Secondly - entertaining scripts and tasks. Thirdly - rationally made button schemes of the control. Fourthly - joyful motives. In consequence we reach myself powerful game.

Variation Supremacy 1914 (Premium Unlocked MOD) for Android - for day output in category supplemented files - 0.131, at the received version were deleted known instabilities detecting instability tablet. At this minute publisher launched file from February 9, 2022 - download the new package, if installed unstable version program. Stop by to our Facebook, so that download only common software and applications, brought to the site by our friends.
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Download Hacked Supremacy 1914 Premium Unlocked MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Supremacy 1914 Premium Unlocked MOD for AndroidDownload Hacked Supremacy 1914 Premium Unlocked MOD for Android
annaste562 1 May 2023 06:15
When I saw the screenshots of this game I decided that this will be a strategy game for World War I, I immediately signed up, but when I downloaded it turned out to be terrible graphics and incomprehensible interface. Comrades developers I am waiting for updates that will fix the problems of the game.
ave-999249 7 May 2023 16:50
And how do balloons work (is it possible to use them as barrage balloons?) and why do air units do the same damage on the ground as they do in the air? And also the airfield-to-airfield ferry distance is similar to the combat radius, which is also not correct and often interferes
arzubikov957 10 May 2023 08:21
The game is super. Rating is so low because there is no control over the cards, a lot of multivods and donaters especially at the beginning of day 8 by 10-20 guns already standing
alina-mara558 12 May 2023 00:55
I would like to see in the game bombs and warheads, missile systems, weapons unique to each country / range of countries. Also want to see the ability to add more than 3 people to the alliance.
almani 14 May 2023 19:51
Ehrlich gesagt gefällt mir, dass es ein echtes Strategiespiel ist. Du spielst mit deinen Freunden und tust dich zusammen, um das Spiel zu gewinnen.
azanieva899 15 May 2023 12:20
Because of the uprisings in the game unrealistic to play or donate and bring the country to feel or wait for 3 days until the fortress is built, but by then the province has risen and goes to another player. Really like it!
balenko5924 20 May 2023 14:38
This is one of the few games where the donation by and large does not solve anything if there are more than 1 donator. The game can win and in alliance with 1-2 other players, and if donater unlucky oeate against you alone, he either will invest a lot of money, or lose, and nobody forbids to play multiple maps at once and without donatp you can win, just a little less often. Otherwise it all depends on the player
avtopride 24 May 2023 10:50
I gave it 3 stars because first of all there are bugs that will take your nerves out. Secondly, there is a constant shortage of resources because of this we have to pay a lot of money to buy a resource. But if you do not count these shortcomings of the game is normal. And it would not be bad if you added generals and fed marshals.
aygerim-86 3 June 2023 19:44
The game is good, I am, but please make the time to prepare troops ships and other things was half as much. All good and make a mode where there will be absolutely all the country is not so that the Germanic Sudan A to just all had colonies, but that is, those who colonized Africa should be colonies. Add more troops and add more secret troops special, I mean, like in the game Call of War 1942, and make it all cost less Well, at least a little bit, but it is very expensive
allamarina914 5 June 2023 00:49
Reduce the time to build a building and units, heavy tank 1 month to wait?!
alexchadin101 6 June 2023 18:51
Of the minuses: the game takes a long time, and (for me personally) is decently addictive. Pros: interesting strategic game, where it is important not only to properly allocate resources, but also to communicate with other players. I wish there were more maps and modes.
april-04171 12 June 2023 18:53
the game is good in many ways, but not 5 stars because 1) extremely strange tactical combat, why a battalion of 27 enemy units with less fighting spirit and without a fortress killed my battalion of 31 units? 2) the game oooh very slow, even in training mode, where the time is 4 times faster than usual all oooh very long, the main mode can easily speed up in 5-10 times. well, the rest of the game is not bad, I hope to be at least blitz mode, not to play one game for months
anytiggg703 15 June 2023 13:45
The game is great and interesting, but it wastes a lot of battery. Leave it on for 40 minutes and 10 percent of the charge goes to the developers. For some reason also "shares" consumption statistics with the gallery. I guess the fault of active game mode, even in sleep mode. You can hear the music when the screen is off, and the game after unlocking is not loaded because it was not unloaded. The idea is good for speed, but energy consuming. It is also worth noting that without a pc some information is hidden from the user.
artur-dom732 28 June 2023 13:44
After the update, the game began to lag. Aa so the game is interesting, but why the hell so much time, troops are moving to 3-6 hours, buildings are being built for 10-12 hours. This is the downside of the game.
apachi-fly 4 July 2023 10:41
Great game, but only for loafers, because it requires constant personal presence because of its online nature. a couple of hours do not keep track of the situation - get problems. day not play and kana you! I would have played it happily, but only if the individual game could be held for a few hours, but not days.
alicebearn86 9 July 2023 16:38
Cool and realistic online strategy on the phone and pc really like playing since January 7, 2022. I advise fans of online strategy about WW1 large range of equipment and the ability to play in the alliance, trade, fight and learn the story
anna-kukla332 9 July 2023 21:38
The game is interesting enough requires a player to have good rhetorical skills and diplomacy, but there are also minuses for example a very high price tag on the in-game market for the sale and purchase of various resources is now very high and very difficult to play because there are not enough coins and sooner or later you will not enough coins to maintain the country. So you have to wiggle in different ways. I appeal to the developers, I beg you to return the price as it was please. Because of this, the desire to play falls away.
aqil1995946 8 August 2023 01:42
The game is good, very reminiscent of "Victory Day 2" It would be cool to copy a lot of chips from there with the line of research and combat. I read a lot of comments about the timing. It seems fine to me. But today I have a problem. I am thrown out of the game. I go into the game, select the company and when loading the application fails. Everything worked fine until today. I can enter the game only on the notification. Thank you I will wait for an answer. And if possible, in Russian.
art-s 30 August 2023 05:39
1. add the flag of the country I am currently playing for on this map to the game selection menu. 2. Fix bugs (there are a lot of them) 3. Add ordering, at notifications, at least on the name of the country for which I play. P.s if something is unclear, ask me
andre-1974 1 September 2023 07:39
game may be and normal, but in place of the game map is a screen saver as in the beginning of the game and also tried to remove the display to change the name, it stupidly did not remove. Even tried to install the game again-no result. If someone sharit in this prompt and help me in this problem.If it is a system error in the game fix. And so nothing else does not care, while put 1 star, something will change will be more stars.
alex93-08 2 September 2023 15:42
very good game, but you should speed up the game time example : x2, x3, x4, x8, x16 » Strategy » Download Hacked Supremacy 1914 Premium Unlocked MOD for Android